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What is Walsu Gold? is your number one services site. At WalsuGold we've been providing our services for years for thousands of customers. Walsu Gold started off on various forums like Sythe and Powerbot using a simple WordPress website but time has come to grow bigger and evolve. We've been providing our services to players since 2014 and have become a leading provider due to our years of experience when it comes to GP, account rentals and much more. WalsuGold's team strives to provide the best services in this business, become the cheapest, and being as professional as possible. We believe we're already at the point where you can expect these qualities from our team. At Walsu Gold we believe that we are capable of providing quality services that other sites cannot provide to you at the level that we do. We, therefore, invite you to start using one of our services and we guarantee that you'll be satisfied. Our team is confident that we will be to adding you to our list of happy customers and become your first choice for your needs.

What services do we provide?

Old School Max Main Rentals

We offer multiple services to our customers, the first service we provide is [max main rentals], also known as a "rent a staker" service. When you rent one of our max mains you can go and stake at the Duel Arena with equal odds (50/50) and you don't have to level an account yourself to level 99 Hitpoints, Strength, Attack, and Defence. This saves you a lot of time and you can still earn money by staking without having the stats for it.
You may ask: "why should I pay more at WalsuGold? This other site offers rentals at a much cheaper price"  The answer is simple. Each one of our accounts was either created by us or sourced from trustworthy account sellers. This means that you don't have the risk of getting booted off the account. There are certain scammers that will entice customers with very low rental prices but when the customer wins a large amount of gold on the account they will kick them off and steal the customer's gold. Don't try to save a little money when renting an account just to lose your entire bank down the road! Check out our reviews here to see customers who have trusted us with billions in gold.

Swapping Services

The second service we provide is a swapping service, which is trading gold from RS3 to Old School or from Old School to RS3. This can be useful for various reasons, for instance: in Old School gold is more expensive than RS3 so you could make your money in Old School and swap it to RS3 for more.
If you're looking to swap gold simply head over to our swapping page to check out our latest rates. If you're happy with them, send us a message and one of our live support agents will meet you in-game to perform the trade.
Have a better price? We always want to make sure our swap rates are fair. If you have a quote from a competing site, send a screenshot to our live support team and if we can verify it is legitimate we will beat it.

Old School Fire Cape Service

The third service we provide is an fire cape service. When you choose for this service an experienced player from WalsuGold's team will obtain the fire cape for you, this can be quite difficult for some people to do as it requires some knowledge and skills. Our team has completed the Tzhaar Fight Caves hundreds of times and can get you the cape you have been dreaming of within 24 hours.
A lot of our new customers worry about the security of their account. We want you to know that safety, security, and discreteness are the number one priority for our team. The processes that we have set in place are so strict when it comes to these three points that we've never experienced a customer getting banned as a result of using our services.
Is there a service you want but it's not listed on our site? You can always ask one of our live chat agents so we can see if we can work something out as each one of our team members are veteran players!
Walsu Gold stands for safety, security, and discreteness
Our goal is to provide you with the best and cheapest services you can get in this business, but that's not our only goal. We take the safety, security, and discreteness of our services very seriously. When you use one of our services, we can guarantee that it's safe, secure and discrete. We don't have any form of a history with people getting banned by using our services and at Walsu Gold we want to keep it that way, no matter the cost. At Walsu Gold you as a customer are our number one priority.
Why is Walsu Gold the best in business?
We have the best rates in the business of services and account rentals. When you use one of our services you pay for quality but also safety and security. This is something that our competitors can't guarantee you because we work with strict guidelines on our handcrafted accounts and services. There's no history of customers getting banned or their accounts flagged. That's why we are the best in business, you get what you pay for and more.
Do you want to collaborate and earn money?
At WalsuGold we are always looking for people who can help us grow. We are mainly looking for YouTubers, streamers, business owners, high ranked clans or any other type of influencers that can help us by sending traffic to our site. If you have a forum or website then we're also interested in advertising by using our banners. Interested in collaborating? Contact us right now by using the live chat or contact the owner of WalsuGold directly for more information.
If you're happy with your experience at Walsu Gold, please take a minute to leave us a review on Trustpilot to join the countless others that have had a 5 star experience!
Payment methods
At the moment we accept three different payment methods: BTC, PayPal, and RSGP. Is your desired payment method not listed? Please inform us in the live chat and we'll see if we can work something out.
Walsu Gold is currently working with G2A to set up a merchant account so stayed tuned!
Giving back to our customers is something we do frequently and we are happy to do, who doesn't like free gold? If you are a loyal customer you can join the giveaways that we host. There are no requirements to join a giveaway as long as you've used one of our services. The prizes in the giveaways could either be GP or valuable items. Check our site now and then to see if there's a giveaway because giveaways will always be announced on our website.