Runescape Staking Guide

Staking is a very popular activity in old school Runescape and it's safe to say that it's the easiest and fastest method to make a lot of money. Although some people prefer to grind for their items, a lot of players try their luck out at the duel arena with that one dream of getting the max cash stack or maybe even more. I'm sure you've seen some players roaming around the Grand Exchange all suited up in the most expensive gear you can think of, well now you know how a big portion of that players got so rich.

So where does staking origin from? You can find the roots shortly after the end of Runescape 2 Beta. There was an option called "Duel anywhere" which gave players the opportunity to get a free teleport to Lumbridge. Jagex decided to remove this option and implement the Duel Arena. Now approximately 14 years later it's still the hot-spot for making lots of money but things are not the same anymore. A couple of months ago Jagex updated the Duel Arena, allowing players to only stake money and not items anymore like you could do in the past. So it's now impossible to stake any item except for coins and platinum tokens. Jagex also added tax to the staking game: 0.25% between 0-10 million GP, 0.50% between 10-100M GP and 1.00% if the stake is higher than 100M GP. There are also rules regarding the staking difference, your stakes must be within 10,000 GP in value, so if you'd stake 100k your opponent must stake at least 90k or a maximum of 110k.

There are a lot of different ways you can stake your money, for example using ranged and darts is something you see pures doing a lot. Although many people dislike low level staking because the odds will never be equal. Lets say you're both combat level 60, there's a very low chance your ranged levels are equal and that's not the only thing that matters, maybe your opponent has a higher hitpoints level because he trained other combat skills more. Therefore you or your opponent will have a better chance of winning and that's where "Xing" comes in, the player that has the biggest odds of winning will stake more money to make things more fair. To get the most fair and equal odds you should stake with a max main account, meaning having level 99 in Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints. With these stats the odds are 50/50 so there's no need for Xing or looking for a fair opponent anymore. Most of the max main stakers use an abyssal tentacle in their duel as their weapon of choice, hence the reason why you always see people saying "whip 10m" or "w10m", meaning they want to use the abyssal tentacle to stake 10M GP. Although there are more options, some stakers also like to box: meaning they don't use any weapon at all. This makes the duel go slower though so it's all about personal preference, if you're more of a fast phased person you should feel more comfortable "whipping" in your duel.

Obviously not everyone has a max main account as it's very time consuming and takes a lot of effort. Although you're not out of options yet, you can rent a max main staking account from WalsuGold only 6M/H or 4M for 30 minutes. With this service you can easily rent a max main and start staking immediately without having to spend months training your account to get equal odds in the duel arena. It's very easy and fast too, all you have to do is ask the live chat agent, meet up in a world and pay for your time. Then you can easily trade over your money to the max main and start staking, when your time is over you trade your profits back over to your own account and log out from the max main, simple as that!

Staking is a lot of fun, exciting and without a doubt the easiest and fastest money making method. You could become a billionaire in no-time but obviously you'll have to take risks too. Feel excited already? Rent a max main at Walsu Gold and try out your luck in the Duel Arena!

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Runescape Quests

  1. Almost everyone knows them, some people are better in them than others and some people simply hate them. Of course, we are talking about quests, a very crucial part of Runescape. So, what are quests and why are they so important in this game? What are the first quests in the game and what are the benefits of doing quests? Keep on reading if you'd like to know more!
  3. It all started on the 4th of January 2001 when the first quest got released on Runescape's launch day. If you've been playing Runescape for a while and have done some quests, there's a very big chance that you already know the quest or might've completed it already, obviously we're talking about the Cook's Assistant quest. Jagex didn't only release Cook's Assistant on this historical day but also Demon Slayer, The Restless Ghost, Romeo & Juliet, Sheep Shearer and Shield of Arrav. That's a total amount of 6 quests, now 18 years later we already have 220 quests in Runescape 3. 35 of them are free to play quests and 185 are member only quests. It's a bit less in old school Runescape for obvious reasons, a total amount of 139 quests, 20 of them are free to play and 119 are member only quests. Still a lot of questing to do though!
  5. In general quests are very important in Runescape. You need to complete a lot of quests to be able to wear certain items and this can be very time consuming. For example the Dragon Scimitar (Monkey Madness), Dragon Dagger (Lost City), Rune Platebody (Dragon Slayer) or for the Barrow Gloves you need to complete the 100th quest of Runescape: Recipe for Disaster. Sounds easy? Well, to complete that quest you need to have (partially) completed 38 other specific quests, having 175 quest points is a requirement too and for the quest itself you need to complete another 10 sub-quests. Now I could tell you tons of more requirements but I think you get the point, quests can be very challenging in Runescape. You can get all kinds of rewards, one of them is XP. It is a habit for a lot of players to complete the Waterfall Quest when they create a new level 3 member account because the quest reward will give their Strength and Attack skills a huge boost: from level 1 to approximately 30, not too bad right?
  7. You get quest points for every quest you do. De amount of quest points varies and depends on the quest you do, with a hard and long quest you'll receive more quest points in comparison with an easy and short quest. For every quest you do you get a minimum of 1 quest point, the total amount of quest points you can get from one quest is 6. A free to play player can get a maximum of 42 quest points and a member can get 385 quest points in Runescape 3. In old school Runescape you can get 42 quest points as a free to play player and as a member 266 quest points. Unfortunately, miniquests do not give quest points. If you completed all of the quests in the game you get a Quest Point Cape as reward, that's basically a skillcape but for quests. Though Runescape updates the game and adds new quests from time to time so, if you have a Quest Point Cape you'll have to keep up and complete the new quests too, otherwise you wont be able to wear your cape anymore. In Runescape 3 you have a Master Quest Cape, for this cape you have to complete all quests, achievements, miniquests and some other requirements. In 2016 Jagex informed the community that only 0.27% of the game has this cape, so that's not a lot!
  9. What type of person are you, one who likes doing the quests and enjoys them or the one who hates them but simply does them because they need to? I guess you can split the whole Runescape community into these two types, it's not for everyone!

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Max main Price Compare

Runescape Maxed Main Rentals

Renting OSRS maxed mains from WalsuGold is a safe, quick and easy way to enjoy staking in the duel arena without having to train a maxed account for yourself. This saves your precious time and money from being wasted and lets you get straight into the sand casino! 

The process is very simple, all you need to do order a maxed main from our site, pay a small deposit and the hourly fee and finally contact our live-chat to set up your account access. WalsuGold is one of the cheapest OSRS maxed main rental services out there, you can compare our prices to other maxed main rental services on RSGilded. As you can see we are currently the cheapest Runescape maxed main rental providers at 6mill per hour. 

Once you are on your rented account you should learn how to efficiently stake in the Duel Arena, we wrote a comprehensive Duel Arena guide here to help you on your journey to riches.

In conclusion, staking in OSRS can be one of the best money makers in the game. If you don’t have a maxed account, you can stake on you can rent one from us. Renting accounts from WalsuGold is cheap, easy and 100% safe to do. If you need any help please contact our live-chat and they will assist you accordingly.

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How to buy rs Gold With Crypto Currency

Get the most out of your runescape gold purchase

If you are somebody who regularly buys runescape gold, or maybe buy once per month? Then this post will help you to save those extra dollars or get more out of your money.

We’ve all seen it, you go to your favorite gold selling website and see they advertise for a reasonable rate, you then select your favorite payment method paypal or bank and BOOM, the price goes up with 10 cents. It’s something that websites have to do to make sure their transactions are being safe and they cover all the fee’s at their end. But what if I tell you there is a way to get these advertised prices, even better, what if I tell you there is a way to get cheaper prices than any of the major well known gold selling websites out there?

All of this is possible if we use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell our gold, cryptocurrencies are the most wanted payment method by any gold selling website out there. If you select cryptocurrencies as your payment method on a website you will see no difference with the advertised gold prices as it’s the cheapest method of buying gold, and it’s for the following reasons:

It’s fast:

Cryptocurrencies are a fast transaction, unlike bank transfers they are instant and you only have to wait on the network to confirm it (this means that at times when a lot of money is being transferred around the world it can take a few minutes)

It’s anonymous:

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies goes via a wallet address which consists out of random numbers and letters so nobody knows who you are.

To make it even better, there are websites that only accept crypto’s to make their prices even lower.

How to buy cryptocurrencies

Buying cryptocurrencies is rather easy these days, it all depends on where you are from.

To make sure that you are able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies check out this list on available countries:

We like to use Coinbase to buy and sell crypto’s but there are also other options like Blockchain.

Step 1:

Sign up.

You can sign up via this link


Verify yourself.

You will need to verify yourself to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, the process on how fast this is depends on 2 factors: what kind of verification and what country you are from.

You will need to give either your passport, ID or drivers license with a clear photo of yourself. All of the requirements are listed once you try to verify yourself.

We hope that this was very informative and will help you either save money or get that extra gold with your next purchase.

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Top 4 Runescape money makers

Old School Runescape Money Making Guide: 4 Most Profitable Methods

It can be difficult to make a good amount of money on Old School Runescape. Therefore, we'll tell you the best money making methods in the game to make big money. Keep in mind that all of these money making methods are pay-to-play, so you'll need an account with membership.

1. Chambers of Xeric (3.6M GP P/H)


- 90+ in all combat skills (recommended)

- 70+ Prayer (recommended)

- Party member with 55+ Farming, 78+ Herblore, and 30+ Construction (strongly recommended)

The Chambers of Xeric is a raid located inside a large cave system underneath Mount Quidamortem, it was released on 5 January 2017. You can get up to 3.6 M GP P/H, but it all depends on how much luck you have and how much points you gain. You can expect about 87K GP for every 1000 points you earn, so from a 30,000 points raid, you can expect almost 3M GP in loot.

2. Growing magic saplings (3M GP P/H)


- 75 Farming

- 68 Magic

- Level 85 combat needed for Dream Mentor to unlock the "Humidify" spell

Magic saplings are used by Runescape players to train their Farming, but it's very time consuming and gives very little experience so players frequently skip this part and buy the saplings straight from the Grand Exchange, which allows other players to make money off magic saplings. This method consists of planting seeds in pots, using them with a gardening trowel which will produce a seedling. Now you cast a spell called "Humidify" on them to water the seeds, it'll take approximately five minutes to turn the seeds into saplings but this process continues when the seeds are banked. You can make around 1,700 saplings per hour which translates to approximately 3M GP profit P/H.

3. Killing Vorkath (2.7M GP P/H)


- 90+ Ranged and Hitpoints (recommended)

- 80+ Attack, Strength and Defence (recommended)

- 75+ Prayer and Magic (recommended)

This is a pretty simple money making method, all you have to do is kill a high-level boss called Vorkath. You can find him on the island Ungael, you can travel there by taking a boat from Rellekka. It's recommended to weaken Vorkath's defence by using a Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword's special attack. Vorkath drops Superior Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhides. Assuming you kill Vorkath 20 times per hour, you can get a profit of 2.7M GP P/H.

4. Killing Zulrah (2.3M GP P/H)


70+ Defence (recommended)

80+ Ranged, Magic, and Hitpoints (recommended)

45+ Prayer (recommended)

Zulrah is a high-level solo-only boss, therefore you can only kill him alone and not with a party. You can only attack him with Ranged and Magic, because Zulrah is immune to melee attacks. When you average about 20 kills per hour, you can get 2.3M GP P/H profit. Every kill averages about 155K GP due to its consistent drops. When you're a higher level with a good weapon such as the Twisted Bow, you can get 24 kills per hour which translates to 3.7M GP P/H. With maximum stats and gear you can get even more kills.

These were the four best money making methods in Old School Runescape. When grinding these, you can make serious bank, although they do have some strict requirements because otherwise everyone would be making these amounts of money. When you don't have these requirements, you could do other methods such as Barrows, killing Green/Black/Blue/Red/Lava Dragons, tanning dragonhides, crushing bird nests, grinding unicorn horns, etc.

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Maxed Main Rentals: Guide, Tips and Tricks

Maxed main rental is a service that allows an Oldschool Runescape Player to rent an account from a trusted service provider such as WalsuGold. This rental account can be used for staking or any other purpose that you may have agreed with the renter or the owner of the account. The prices are around a few mill osrs gp for 1 hour excluding the security deposit which some vendors tend to take in order to keep their tentacle whip and Dragon Dagger p++ safe from the rage quitters etc.

How to find a trusted maxed main rental? You should be very very cautious while renting an account because the original owner of the account can kick you off within seconds anytime they want to. This may result in your loss because you will lose everything that you had put on the account for staking or PKing. In order to find a trusted maxed main rental service, go on Maxed Main Rental Listing by RScomparison. They have a list of all top and trusted renting services that will help you find one of the best one for your needs. Secondly, once you have shortlisted your go-to service, do some of your own research before proceeding with the transaction. Search for their vouches, feedback, reviews or anything that proves them to be trustworthy. You may ask this from their LiveChat or do a simple search on google with the name of the website and you will find what you are looking for. Why do people rent OSRS accounts? Staking in the duel arena is one of the most loved activities among the OSRS players. This is the place where they can fight between other players and win with their skill. In order to keep the stake only limited to skill, the players prefer to use an account of the same stats to keep the odds at 50%. The odds of winning and losing can only be 50% if the accounts of both the players are of the same level. Getting an account with 99 melee stats is very convenient and accessible for all players now, you can rent them at around 6M-9M OSRS GP per hour and enjoy the staking experience. Test your luck in the duel arena and we hope you leave the arena after making a bank. In order to compare the prices and level of service of different renters, RSComparison should be your go-to. There you can find different renting services to make it easier for you to compare the prices and choose the best one for you.

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OSRS account rental - hire a max main now!

OSRS account rental - hire a max main now!

Over the years, the RuneScape franchise, alongside World of Warcraft not only showed us how MMORPG should be done but also how can a smart player and a hard worker make considerable wealth playing online games. By comparison, RuneScape offers lots of options and activities to earn coins. You can simply grind your way to richness like anyone, go into the Wilderness for PKing to find something worth hundreds of thousands of RSGP on the market, and many others. 

Alternatively, you can begin leveling OSRS accounts, max them out, and rent to someone. Many users will look for it and pay lots of currency for a rental instead of leveling an account from scratch each time. We prepared this OSRS account rental service article with cooperation with our friends from

What is account rental service in OSRS?

You don’t need research to know that leveling up an account in Old School RuneScape does not come overnight. Actually, you’d need a lot of nights and days to max it out. In OSRS, maxed account is not a rarity anymore, but it still takes a hefty amount of time to level it up. 

Some of these guys have real rental terms of service, customer service livechat agent, refunds - everything for you to have the best staking experience. ToS often include conditions like:

  • Not using rental account during live streaming,

  • Not using any recording software during the rent,

  • Not breaking the game’s Terms of Service while using the account, etc.

    RSGP is what people use with very few exceptions. Some services and websites offer free maxed main rental if you make a large OSRS Gold purchase.

    What is staking in OSRS?

    Both accounts must have maxed combat stats and skills with 99 (Strength 99, Attack 99, Defence 99) and enter the duel arena wielding the same weapon with DDS and the Abyssal Tentacle whip being the most popular. It can be combined from Kraken Tentacle and Abyssal Whip. 

    You can find an opponent on the Duel Arena live chat. This livechat is literally flooded with challenges that contain usernames, stakes, and a weapon. You will only find stakes with OSRS Gold, as players can no longer stake items. When you are livestreaming, you will probably find duels faster, since your audience may want to play with you. 

    Keep in mind that this article does not apply to RuneScape 3. In the case of RS3, you need to look for knowledge elsewhere. 

    Staking game rules:

    1. No Ranged,

    2. No bare fists or feet,

    3. No Magic,

    4. No Special Attacks,

    5. Fun Weapons - only the weapons with negative attacks stats are allowed, namely Rubber Chicken, Flowers, Birthday Cake, Rubber Mouse Toy, and Golden Trench,

    6. No escaping,

    7. No drinks and food,

    8. No Prayer,

    9. No weapon switches,

    10. No Movement - the players are obliged to stand in place and trade blows to deplete the enemy’s hitpoints. 

    All is set up so that there are equal 50/50 odds in each fight.  

    Taxes are everywhere, even in RuneScape. From every stake there is a commission. Staking commissions are as follows:

    0 - 10M GP - 0,25%

    10M - 100M GP - 0,5%

    100M+ - 1%.

    Staking is so popular, that Jagex admitted that with this fee alone there has been 127B GP removed from the economy. OSRS Gold price range from $0,60 to $0,90 for 1M GP. Now you can tell that 127B is a huge number, as it gives

    How can I rent the account in OSRS?

    Since sharing RuneScape accounts violates the Terms of Service, oftentimes you will find rental services of RuneScape accounts via word of mouth. To rent an OSRS account is easy, but to avoid a ban is a different thing. Using middlemen in the form of a third-party account provider might be a good option. There have been multiple online services and Blackmarket forums where you can place the max main rental offer or find one for yourself. Huge max main rental sites take care of the security so that no one is cheated because their reputation might be at risk.

    1. Find a web page with max mains for rent (like WalsuGold).

    2. Contact livechat agents.

    3. Choose payment method and set up a login data delivery.

    4. Get your freshly rented account, have fun, and return it once the time runs out.

    Account rentals scam threat in OSRS

    Every time there is an account sharing action going on with passing account login details, usernames, email address, password, name, and so on, you need to be careful of being scammed.

    One of the ways of keeping yourself safe is to have a duel arena deposit. Then, if a person that is offering a staker service would like to play you, you are not losing everything. What we recommend, is that you always use the tried and tested provider of an OSRS account. 

    Bank heist

    A staker that rented an account needs to transfer staking GP to it. A common situation is when the staker transfers a lot of gold to the rented account, and the owner of the account recovers it with all the gold in it.

    Of course, it ruins the seller’s reputation, but some people don’t care about it as long as they’re a couple of M of GP richer on their staking account. 

    Stealing rental accounts

    The best Runescape account renters have their methods of providing themselves with safety. Even if you try to steal their account, these stakers will process account recovery it in no time, and then report you. You will no longer be able to rent OSRS account from websites like WalsuGold.

    Staking warning

    Staking is gambling. One day the odds are on your side, the next day you’re out of luck, and you lose everything. It’s easy to get addicted to the thrill of possibly losing all, and that’s what gives people the kick during gambling. However, as with the majority of addictions - it can also be destructive. We know countless incidents of players losing not only their in-game gold, but also their livelihood during very unlucky staking session.

    Like we said earlier, keep private information - account login, usernames, password - in safety at all time. If your payment method details are stolen in the process, the consequences will be far more severe than just losing a RuneScape account. 

    If you still want to rent a maxed staker, keep caution. 

    PK Rentals

    Staking is just one of the reasons to rent an account in OSRS. PK rentals is another of a wide array of OSRS products. Instead of leveling it up or making a pure account yourself, you can rent a PKing specified account, and head towards the Wilderness for some PvP action. 


    In 2018, Jagex was thinking about an implementation of duel arena boost so that low level accounts could reach its max potential for the time of the duel. Did it work? We all know the outcome. What we know is that .

    Protect your OSRS account, emails, login usernames, passwords. If you get scammed while breaking the game’s ToS, you might not get the account recovery.

    It has been a pleasure for us to deliver you this guide. We are here for you 24/7. Contact our live chat if you have more questions or you need help with using our website. Satisfied customers is what makes our business successful. We would be grateful if you took 5 minutes of small effort to leave feedback about our site. We have hundreds of positive opinions and reviews that speak for us. Best deals of your life!


    Is it legal to rent an account in RuneScape?

    Obviously, it’s against the RuneScape terms of service just like real world trading. However, it seems that account sharing is a low priority issue for Jagex. 

    Is it worth it to rent a maxed main?

    If you have a lot of gold, but not enough time, patience, and dedication to max an account yourself, you can go ahead and rent it. To be honest, we recommend maxing out your main account, instead of using rent an account services. 

    How much gold does renting an account cost in OSRS?

    The prices vary, from 1M even up to 10M GP per 1 hour. There may be a discount if you decide to order 2 hours or more. 

    What if my email address is stolen?

    We do not recommend using your official mail address for renting an account in OSRS. You should have a disposable one for that purpose.

    How much can I win staking?

    There is no ultimate answer to this question. Being lucky, you can take 50M Gold and multiply it times 100. If you’re out of luck, you can lose your whole bank. There is no GP value that you cannot lose. 

    All rights reserved.

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