Maxed Main Rentals: Guide, Tips and Tricks

Maxed main rental is a service that allows an Oldschool Runescape Player to rent an account from a trusted service provider such as WalsuGold. This rental account can be used for staking or any other purpose that you may have agreed with the renter or the owner of the account. The prices are around a few mill osrs gp for 1 hour excluding the security deposit which some vendors tend to take in order to keep their tentacle whip and Dragon Dagger p++ safe from the rage quitters etc.

How to find a trusted maxed main rental? You should be very very cautious while renting an account because the original owner of the account can kick you off within seconds anytime they want to. This may result in your loss because you will lose everything that you had put on the account for staking or PKing. In order to find a trusted maxed main rental service, go on Maxed Main Rental Listing by RScomparison. They have a list of all top and trusted renting services that will help you find one of the best one for your needs. Secondly, once you have shortlisted your go-to service, do some of your own research before proceeding with the transaction. Search for their vouches, feedback, reviews or anything that proves them to be trustworthy. You may ask this from their LiveChat or do a simple search on google with the name of the website and you will find what you are looking for. Why do people rent OSRS accounts? Staking in the duel arena is one of the most loved activities among the OSRS players. This is the place where they can fight between other players and win with their skill. In order to keep the stake only limited to skill, the players prefer to use an account of the same stats to keep the odds at 50%. The odds of winning and losing can only be 50% if the accounts of both the players are of the same level. Getting an account with 99 melee stats is very convenient and accessible for all players now, you can rent them at around 6M-9M OSRS GP per hour and enjoy the staking experience. Test your luck in the duel arena and we hope you leave the arena after making a bank. In order to compare the prices and level of service of different renters, RSComparison should be your go-to. There you can find different renting services to make it easier for you to compare the prices and choose the best one for you.