OSRS account rental - hire a max main now!

OSRS account rental - hire a max main now!

Over the years, the RuneScape franchise, alongside World of Warcraft not only showed us how MMORPG should be done but also how can a smart player and a hard worker make considerable wealth playing online games. By comparison, RuneScape offers lots of options and activities to earn coins. You can simply grind your way to richness like anyone, go into the Wilderness for PKing to find something worth hundreds of thousands of RSGP on the market, and many others. 

Alternatively, you can begin leveling OSRS accounts, max them out, and rent to someone. Many users will look for it and pay lots of currency for a rental instead of leveling an account from scratch each time. We prepared this OSRS account rental service article with cooperation with our friends from

What is account rental service in OSRS?

You don’t need research to know that leveling up an account in Old School RuneScape does not come overnight. Actually, you’d need a lot of nights and days to max it out. In OSRS, maxed account is not a rarity anymore, but it still takes a hefty amount of time to level it up. 

Some of these guys have real rental terms of service, customer service livechat agent, refunds - everything for you to have the best staking experience. ToS often include conditions like:

  • Not using rental account during live streaming,

  • Not using any recording software during the rent,

  • Not breaking the game’s Terms of Service while using the account, etc.

    RSGP is what people use with very few exceptions. Some services and websites offer free maxed main rental if you make a large OSRS Gold purchase.

    What is staking in OSRS?

    Both accounts must have maxed combat stats and skills with 99 (Strength 99, Attack 99, Defence 99) and enter the duel arena wielding the same weapon with DDS and the Abyssal Tentacle whip being the most popular. It can be combined from Kraken Tentacle and Abyssal Whip. 

    You can find an opponent on the Duel Arena live chat. This livechat is literally flooded with challenges that contain usernames, stakes, and a weapon. You will only find stakes with OSRS Gold, as players can no longer stake items. When you are livestreaming, you will probably find duels faster, since your audience may want to play with you. 

    Keep in mind that this article does not apply to RuneScape 3. In the case of RS3, you need to look for knowledge elsewhere. 

    Staking game rules:

    1. No Ranged,

    2. No bare fists or feet,

    3. No Magic,

    4. No Special Attacks,

    5. Fun Weapons - only the weapons with negative attacks stats are allowed, namely Rubber Chicken, Flowers, Birthday Cake, Rubber Mouse Toy, and Golden Trench,

    6. No escaping,

    7. No drinks and food,

    8. No Prayer,

    9. No weapon switches,

    10. No Movement - the players are obliged to stand in place and trade blows to deplete the enemy’s hitpoints. 

    All is set up so that there are equal 50/50 odds in each fight.  

    Taxes are everywhere, even in RuneScape. From every stake there is a commission. Staking commissions are as follows:

    0 - 10M GP - 0,25%

    10M - 100M GP - 0,5%

    100M+ - 1%.

    Staking is so popular, that Jagex admitted that with this fee alone there has been 127B GP removed from the economy. OSRS Gold price range from $0,60 to $0,90 for 1M GP. Now you can tell that 127B is a huge number, as it gives

    How can I rent the account in OSRS?

    Since sharing RuneScape accounts violates the Terms of Service, oftentimes you will find rental services of RuneScape accounts via word of mouth. To rent an OSRS account is easy, but to avoid a ban is a different thing. Using middlemen in the form of a third-party account provider might be a good option. There have been multiple online services and Blackmarket forums where you can place the max main rental offer or find one for yourself. Huge max main rental sites take care of the security so that no one is cheated because their reputation might be at risk.

    1. Find a web page with max mains for rent (like WalsuGold).

    2. Contact livechat agents.

    3. Choose payment method and set up a login data delivery.

    4. Get your freshly rented account, have fun, and return it once the time runs out.

    Account rentals scam threat in OSRS

    Every time there is an account sharing action going on with passing account login details, usernames, email address, password, name, and so on, you need to be careful of being scammed.

    One of the ways of keeping yourself safe is to have a duel arena deposit. Then, if a person that is offering a staker service would like to play you, you are not losing everything. What we recommend, is that you always use the tried and tested provider of an OSRS account. 

    Bank heist

    A staker that rented an account needs to transfer staking GP to it. A common situation is when the staker transfers a lot of gold to the rented account, and the owner of the account recovers it with all the gold in it.

    Of course, it ruins the seller’s reputation, but some people don’t care about it as long as they’re a couple of M of GP richer on their staking account. 

    Stealing rental accounts

    The best Runescape account renters have their methods of providing themselves with safety. Even if you try to steal their account, these stakers will process account recovery it in no time, and then report you. You will no longer be able to rent OSRS account from websites like WalsuGold.

    Staking warning

    Staking is gambling. One day the odds are on your side, the next day you’re out of luck, and you lose everything. It’s easy to get addicted to the thrill of possibly losing all, and that’s what gives people the kick during gambling. However, as with the majority of addictions - it can also be destructive. We know countless incidents of players losing not only their in-game gold, but also their livelihood during very unlucky staking session.

    Like we said earlier, keep private information - account login, usernames, password - in safety at all time. If your payment method details are stolen in the process, the consequences will be far more severe than just losing a RuneScape account. 

    If you still want to rent a maxed staker, keep caution. 

    PK Rentals

    Staking is just one of the reasons to rent an account in OSRS. PK rentals is another of a wide array of OSRS products. Instead of leveling it up or making a pure account yourself, you can rent a PKing specified account, and head towards the Wilderness for some PvP action. 


    In 2018, Jagex was thinking about an implementation of duel arena boost so that low level accounts could reach its max potential for the time of the duel. Did it work? We all know the outcome. What we know is that .

    Protect your OSRS account, emails, login usernames, passwords. If you get scammed while breaking the game’s ToS, you might not get the account recovery.

    It has been a pleasure for us to deliver you this guide. We are here for you 24/7. Contact our live chat if you have more questions or you need help with using our website. Satisfied customers is what makes our business successful. We would be grateful if you took 5 minutes of small effort to leave feedback about our site. We have hundreds of positive opinions and reviews that speak for us. Best deals of your life!


    Is it legal to rent an account in RuneScape?

    Obviously, it’s against the RuneScape terms of service just like real world trading. However, it seems that account sharing is a low priority issue for Jagex. 

    Is it worth it to rent a maxed main?

    If you have a lot of gold, but not enough time, patience, and dedication to max an account yourself, you can go ahead and rent it. To be honest, we recommend maxing out your main account, instead of using rent an account services. 

    How much gold does renting an account cost in OSRS?

    The prices vary, from 1M even up to 10M GP per 1 hour. There may be a discount if you decide to order 2 hours or more. 

    What if my email address is stolen?

    We do not recommend using your official mail address for renting an account in OSRS. You should have a disposable one for that purpose.

    How much can I win staking?

    There is no ultimate answer to this question. Being lucky, you can take 50M Gold and multiply it times 100. If you’re out of luck, you can lose your whole bank. There is no GP value that you cannot lose. 

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