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Runescape Maxed Main Rentals

Renting OSRS maxed mains from WalsuGold is a safe, quick and easy way to enjoy staking in the duel arena without having to train a maxed account for yourself. This saves your precious time and money from being wasted and lets you get straight into the sand casino! 

The process is very simple, all you need to do order a maxed main from our site, pay a small deposit and the hourly fee and finally contact our live-chat to set up your account access. WalsuGold is one of the cheapest OSRS maxed main rental services out there, you can compare our prices to other maxed main rental services on RSGilded. As you can see we are currently the cheapest Runescape maxed main rental providers at 6mill per hour. 

Once you are on your rented account you should learn how to efficiently stake in the Duel Arena, we wrote a comprehensive Duel Arena guide here to help you on your journey to riches.

In conclusion, staking in OSRS can be one of the best money makers in the game. If you don’t have a maxed account, you can stake on you can rent one from us. Renting accounts from WalsuGold is cheap, easy and 100% safe to do. If you need any help please contact our live-chat and they will assist you accordingly.