Runescape Quests

  1. Almost everyone knows them, some people are better in them than others and some people simply hate them. Of course, we are talking about quests, a very crucial part of Runescape. So, what are quests and why are they so important in this game? What are the first quests in the game and what are the benefits of doing quests? Keep on reading if you'd like to know more!
  3. It all started on the 4th of January 2001 when the first quest got released on Runescape's launch day. If you've been playing Runescape for a while and have done some quests, there's a very big chance that you already know the quest or might've completed it already, obviously we're talking about the Cook's Assistant quest. Jagex didn't only release Cook's Assistant on this historical day but also Demon Slayer, The Restless Ghost, Romeo & Juliet, Sheep Shearer and Shield of Arrav. That's a total amount of 6 quests, now 18 years later we already have 220 quests in Runescape 3. 35 of them are free to play quests and 185 are member only quests. It's a bit less in old school Runescape for obvious reasons, a total amount of 139 quests, 20 of them are free to play and 119 are member only quests. Still a lot of questing to do though!
  5. In general quests are very important in Runescape. You need to complete a lot of quests to be able to wear certain items and this can be very time consuming. For example the Dragon Scimitar (Monkey Madness), Dragon Dagger (Lost City), Rune Platebody (Dragon Slayer) or for the Barrow Gloves you need to complete the 100th quest of Runescape: Recipe for Disaster. Sounds easy? Well, to complete that quest you need to have (partially) completed 38 other specific quests, having 175 quest points is a requirement too and for the quest itself you need to complete another 10 sub-quests. Now I could tell you tons of more requirements but I think you get the point, quests can be very challenging in Runescape. You can get all kinds of rewards, one of them is XP. It is a habit for a lot of players to complete the Waterfall Quest when they create a new level 3 member account because the quest reward will give their Strength and Attack skills a huge boost: from level 1 to approximately 30, not too bad right?
  7. You get quest points for every quest you do. De amount of quest points varies and depends on the quest you do, with a hard and long quest you'll receive more quest points in comparison with an easy and short quest. For every quest you do you get a minimum of 1 quest point, the total amount of quest points you can get from one quest is 6. A free to play player can get a maximum of 42 quest points and a member can get 385 quest points in Runescape 3. In old school Runescape you can get 42 quest points as a free to play player and as a member 266 quest points. Unfortunately, miniquests do not give quest points. If you completed all of the quests in the game you get a Quest Point Cape as reward, that's basically a skillcape but for quests. Though Runescape updates the game and adds new quests from time to time so, if you have a Quest Point Cape you'll have to keep up and complete the new quests too, otherwise you wont be able to wear your cape anymore. In Runescape 3 you have a Master Quest Cape, for this cape you have to complete all quests, achievements, miniquests and some other requirements. In 2016 Jagex informed the community that only 0.27% of the game has this cape, so that's not a lot!
  9. What type of person are you, one who likes doing the quests and enjoys them or the one who hates them but simply does them because they need to? I guess you can split the whole Runescape community into these two types, it's not for everyone!