Runescape Staking Guide

Staking is a very popular activity in old school Runescape and it's safe to say that it's the easiest and fastest method to make a lot of money. Although some people prefer to grind for their items, a lot of players try their luck out at the duel arena with that one dream of getting the max cash stack or maybe even more. I'm sure you've seen some players roaming around the Grand Exchange all suited up in the most expensive gear you can think of, well now you know how a big portion of that players got so rich.

So where does staking origin from? You can find the roots shortly after the end of Runescape 2 Beta. There was an option called "Duel anywhere" which gave players the opportunity to get a free teleport to Lumbridge. Jagex decided to remove this option and implement the Duel Arena. Now approximately 14 years later it's still the hot-spot for making lots of money but things are not the same anymore. A couple of months ago Jagex updated the Duel Arena, allowing players to only stake money and not items anymore like you could do in the past. So it's now impossible to stake any item except for coins and platinum tokens. Jagex also added tax to the staking game: 0.25% between 0-10 million GP, 0.50% between 10-100M GP and 1.00% if the stake is higher than 100M GP. There are also rules regarding the staking difference, your stakes must be within 10,000 GP in value, so if you'd stake 100k your opponent must stake at least 90k or a maximum of 110k.

There are a lot of different ways you can stake your money, for example using ranged and darts is something you see pures doing a lot. Although many people dislike low level staking because the odds will never be equal. Lets say you're both combat level 60, there's a very low chance your ranged levels are equal and that's not the only thing that matters, maybe your opponent has a higher hitpoints level because he trained other combat skills more. Therefore you or your opponent will have a better chance of winning and that's where "Xing" comes in, the player that has the biggest odds of winning will stake more money to make things more fair. To get the most fair and equal odds you should stake with a max main account, meaning having level 99 in Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints. With these stats the odds are 50/50 so there's no need for Xing or looking for a fair opponent anymore. Most of the max main stakers use an abyssal tentacle in their duel as their weapon of choice, hence the reason why you always see people saying "whip 10m" or "w10m", meaning they want to use the abyssal tentacle to stake 10M GP. Although there are more options, some stakers also like to box: meaning they don't use any weapon at all. This makes the duel go slower though so it's all about personal preference, if you're more of a fast phased person you should feel more comfortable "whipping" in your duel.

Obviously not everyone has a max main account as it's very time consuming and takes a lot of effort. Although you're not out of options yet, you can rent a max main staking account from WalsuGold only 6M/H or 4M for 30 minutes. With this service you can easily rent a max main and start staking immediately without having to spend months training your account to get equal odds in the duel arena. It's very easy and fast too, all you have to do is ask the live chat agent, meet up in a world and pay for your time. Then you can easily trade over your money to the max main and start staking, when your time is over you trade your profits back over to your own account and log out from the max main, simple as that!

Staking is a lot of fun, exciting and without a doubt the easiest and fastest money making method. You could become a billionaire in no-time but obviously you'll have to take risks too. Feel excited already? Rent a max main at Walsu Gold and try out your luck in the Duel Arena!