What is commission staking?

Commission staking is when you let a professional and experienced staker do the staking for you. This can be very handy when you don’t have a maxed main account to use for staking, or when you don’t have experience staking and don’t know staking tactics. When you choose commission staking as your way of staking, you’ll give your GP to the staker and he’ll stake your GP for you. When you win the duel, Walsu Gold will keep a commission of only 5% and you’ll receive your profit. There are a lot of players that like this method because you only pay us when you win, unlike renting a maxed main where you’ll have to pay upfront and with some bad luck you can end up in a situation where you’ve paid for the account and lost your stakes. Therefore, there are multiple good reasons to choose commission staking over renting a maxed main, but of course both have its advantages and disadvantages. When you’re an inexperienced staker or when you have a lower budget, commission staking can be the best option for you. Commission staking at Walsu Gold is also very discreet and secure, because you can see the staking happening with your very own unique stream link provided by Walsu Gold.

Why should you commission stake?

There are more than one reasons why you should commission stake. If you’re an inexperienced staker and don’t know how to stake or you don’t know staking tactics, commission staking can be a very good option for you. This is because an experienced and professional staker from Walsu Gold will do the staking for you, therefore we can guarantee you that you get the most out of your staking odds when letting an experienced staker from our team do the staking for you. Commission staking can also be a good option when you’re low on budget and cannot afford the prices of renting a maxed main account. We only take a 5% commission of your winnings, so if you don’t win any stakes you won’t have to pay anything at all, which is not the case when you’re renting a maxed main account from us. Walsu Gold’s team is aware of the most up to date tactics regarding staking and the duel arena so you can get the best odds to win. There’s also no chance of getting scammed when you choose commission staking, because our stakers at Walsu Gold can easily recognize any scam attempts from other stakers and will avoid staking with scammers. All the staking done by our team can be watched live with your very own unique live stream link which will always be lag free.

Why should you choose Walsu Gold for commission staking?

Why you should choose Walsu Gold for commission staking is because of multiple reasons. We are the safest and most secure commission staking provider, as our team follows strict security guidelines so we can guarantee you maximum safety and security, we take that very serious. At Walsu Gold we also offer the lowest commission, which is only 5% of your staking profits. Your stakes will be done by experienced players who know all of the staking tactics so you can get the most out of your staking odds, they’re also aware of the latest scams so we can guarantee you a safe staking experience. At Walsu Gold, customers will get their very own unique stream link where you can watch your stake on video, 100% lag free.

How to start commission staking?

Commission staking at Walsu Gold is very simple and easy to do! All you have to do is fill in our commission staking form with your details and submit the form. When you’ve submitted the form, contact our live chat and a Walsu Gold live chat agent will give you an unique stream link where you can watch your stake lag free. Finally, you’ll have to trade your desired stake amount to our staker. Simple as that! Now you can lay back and watch the stake on a lag free stream provided by Walsu Gold.

Is commission staking safe?

At Walsu Gold we follow strict guidelines regarding safety, security, and discreteness. Therefore, we can guarantee you a safe and worry-free staking experience. Commission staking is against Jagex’s rules, but as mentioned before we do everything we can to keep it secure and discrete. We provide you with your very own unique stream link, so when you choose to commission stake, nobody will know that you’re doing it besides our team and yourself. Therefore, there’s no possible way for Jagex to find out that you’ve been commission staking, and if they ever would, you wouldn’t have to worry at all because Jagex will target the account commission staking, and not the person who traded money to the commission staker. So it’s safe to say that commission staking is as safe at it can get.

Terms of Service

  • WalsuGold is not responsible for any gold lost due bans.
  • You are not allowed give your private url information to anyone else.
  • If you decide to tip a live chat agent you cannot request it back.
  • Once you claim your wins we are going take 5% commission of that.